Renewal of notifications

  • All notifications have been renewed and modernized
  • New design has been better adapted to the layout

! Notifications now take place in the upper right corner

Descrition from Functions

  • Fixed descriptions from Premium Functions

HTML5 Mails!

Premium Functions & Permission List!

Some new Premium Features are already in the dropdown*

  • *Only Premium Features

Log Menu size

  • Colors removed, static grey added
  • Mobile Buttons fixed

Fixes with the Bot create Button

  • Animated "Create" Button is fixed
  • Static "Create" Button is removed

Channel & User in search function!

  • Right now you can search into your channel or user dropdown!
  • Re-Designed the Group Protection table

New Logo!

I would like to introduce our new clean Logo:

It's already released on our beta site and has replaced the "F" in the menu.

We hope you enjoy it!

Premium Features!

  • After the Beta you can buy Premium for a one-time payment of 15€

    • Currently you will unlock 2 Features*, soon more!
  • Features already in the dropdown

  • *Features are:
    • Accept rules: Set a Server Group if the user accept the rules.
    • Anti-Channelhopping: Ban a client if switching the channels to often

Re-Designed the Menu

  • Re-Designed the Menu on top of the Site
  • Menu will invert the color if you scroll

No published changelogs yet.

Surely jts3bot will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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